销售价格: USD 10 / set
  • 起订量 1 set
  • 产品生产量 high
  • 主营业务 制造商/工厂
  • 装运港口 China
  • 装运交货时间 12-13 Business Days
  • 付款方式 询单

EV850-2T轻型激光熨平板 细节

经过多年的行业经验,我们自豪得提供大范围选择的EV850-2T Lightweight Laser Screed以及建筑与施工。我们的机械熨平板都经过质量保证并且符合国际行业标准。买家可以相信我们的产品有实惠的价格,可靠性和在10 set价格区间内他人无法相提并论的优质产品。 我们的EV850-2T Lightweight Laser Screed无论是在本地还是国际市场都有很大的需求量,因为我们产品的质量我们在行业内的名声。我们专业化的工厂在严格的质量管理系统下可以提供Huge的生产能力,这使得成为EV850-2T Lightweight Laser Screed类的可靠的制造商和进口商。我们接受的机械熨平板类订单最小的订单量为1 set。 我们为顾客满意提供高等级的透明度,并且相关购买文件都是有所保留的。我们从中国发货,并且在1个工作日内通过FOB, DAF运输。坐落于, , 中国,我们与众多本地及国际分销商合作,针对全中国和其他地区市场。对于支付,我们接受CNY,USD,可以通过T/T, L/C进行支付。

关于 山东远足机械科技有限公司.

Shandong HIKING Machinery and technology co.Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise, it integrate research, production and sale of small construction machine in one whole; it is the partner enterprise of Shandong Hiking Group(stock code600735). We are located in Jining, Shandong province. We mainly produce: small construction machine including concrete laser screed, truss screed, roller screed, power trowel, ride on trowel, small road roller, mini excavator, small snow-remove equipment, unidirection and bi-directional plate compactor , battering ram, finishing machine, ruling machine, concrete cutter, asphalt joint sealing machine our product exported to more than 40 countries and we have established agency in several countries. We introduced German technology, we have accumulated years of professional production experience, and constantly make improvement through synthesis of customers’ feedback, we consider customers’ actual needs, gradually establish super strict quality control and production supervision system, perfect, convenient and fast after-sales parts supply service net. We expand the market through customers’ genuine public praise and excellent product quality, we have obtained patient, relieved, unworried apprise, we operate and develop ourselves with surefooted wholeheartedness and we are honored as export in pavement construction machinery, therefore, we have become famous brand of Chinese pavement engineering enterprise. We stick on the policy of “ thrive through technology and quality”, we obedience to the operation theory of “ innovation, reality, truth, integrity and service”.we are on the road of “ create value for customers, develop together with customers; we will be devote ourselves to create international famous brand through our exquisite technology and perfect after sale service.

主营业务 制造商/工厂
成立时间 不提供
法律地位 不提供
年营业额 不提供
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